gondolier character development

For this project I was tasked with the challenge of creating both a finished character and illustrating the world they live in.

At first we were tasked with creating ink blots to develop character silhouettes. Character design is strongly influenced by silhouette and shape language; by using ink blots we can distill our focus to pure shapes created from ink.

variety of india ink blots that depict some form of character silhouette

The following silhouette of the blot I settled on showed the greatest potential for generating a flushed out character.

character silhouette picked out from an ink blot

The ink blot eventually lead to me creating a gondolier living in Venice. Inspired by Igor from Ratatouille and Jafar from Aladdin, I gave him a hunchback along with a sad and droopy face.

expressions and posing of a very sad gondolier from Venice

Finally the illustration here is meant to portray our saddened gondolier and how they sit within their surroundings. Being within the city of romance with no sight of his true love, our gondolier sits in isolation rowing slowly within the canals of Venice.

gondolier rowing his little boat in the canals of Venice looking sad and within the shadows.