Green Room Cookbook

For this project I was tasked with creating a cookbook for a school project based on West Coast Seafood. I was provided with a premade copydeck and was responsible for coming up with the visual branding and type placement for the book.

Kit and Kim Lee are a surfer and chef duo passionate about the Tofino surf culture. Their core philosophy revolves around respecting the people and the planet. By serving fish tacos locally and organically sourced from the community, they believed that in Tofino's surf slang, Kit and Kim Lee wanted to serve food that was simply, killer.

This fictional cookbook embodies the surfer culture of Tofino, BC. It's also the name of a restaurant founded by the authors who are a surfer and chef duo passionate about serving food organically sourced from the community. Their signature dish is fish tacos; with their goal being to always serve killer meals.