Plein Air Painting

For this school project I was tasked with observing and capturing my surroundings and relaying it back onto the canvas within a plein-air portfolio scenario. I used this opportunity to experiment with texture, matte painting, colour palettes, and composition.

Our first objective within this class was to identify our strengths and weaknesses trying to break away from what we were familiar with.

slide that explains what im bad at and how i want to improve my work within this project.

For the first prompt, I wanted to work on my shape language and colour palette. Alongside the photos and sketches taken from my walk, I also compiled supplementary images of deserts and canyons to help me with my ideas.

moodboard of rocks, deserts, and potholes

After a few rounds of paint overs and discussion we decided to settle on the following character; the Curious Time Traveler.

composition sketches of a rocky wasteland drawing studies and experimentation of a rocky wasteland

The first painting is a combination of a desert, canyon, and foliage put together. Using the ideas of the cracks within potholes and the gaping chasms of canyons I wanted to show a sense of desolation and profoundness within this composition.

illustration of a fantasy desolate wasteland that has a big crack in the ground with floating rocks and dead trees.

The second walk was taken from my local neighbourhood, paying close attention to the different ways people have decorated their own homes. The houses that I passed by on my walk held many intricate shapes within its architecture which allowed me to formulate the next idea for my painting.

moodboard of houses and their front yards sketches of neighbourhoods and houses. refined composition sketch of a house with a curved roof

Using a combination of the different houses I witnessed and the shapes within their architecture, I created my second painting based on my neighbourhood surroundings.

illustration of a house with a stone baby holding a flag.

Finally for my third walk I visited a local flower shop that I would often pass by whenever I went to attend errands. I took this chance to explore the shop in more detail and used the setting for my third painting.

moodboard of a local flower shop composition thumbnails of a flower shop

During my observations I noticed that light would always pool into the store during different times of the day at a specific angle. I decided to relay this into my painting to show a sense of whimsical discovery.

illustration of a flower shop in a small corner of the neighbourhood filled with bustling flowers.